December 31st, 2006


The party to end all parties.

Yes, LJ-land, we are going to party hard. mik100 and I are going to drink tea, eat cookies and pizza pinwheels and veggie-pastries, and watch Doctor Who as we ring in the new year. If we're lucky, we'll even get some ways into Torchwood.

Are you jealous?

I know you are. You don't have to pretend. :P

Happy New Year to all, and a hearty "I hate you all" to those of you partying down in Toronto. *angelic face*

Have to go take out the cookies, now, before they catch fire. That's not the sort of thing you want to have happen twice. Or once, really, come to think of it. It's definitely not the sort of thing you want to have to explain twice, at any rate.