December 15th, 2006


Bird-related incidents, the Geek Scale, and the apocalypse.

First and most important: I was nearly crushed by a gigantic plastic bird this morning. Yes, it is very windy outside. It came flying (heh) across the road and landed right in front of me, probably swept off someone's roof.

Five minutes later, I saw a seagull crash directly into a telephone pole. I do not know if the two are related.

Seriously; hail, wind, thunder and lightning... it's like the end-times out there, and now my damned feet are wet. Stupid inconvenient apocalypse. Couldn't it have e-mailed me and reminded me to wear wellies this morning? Is that too much to ask?

I am listening to the Buffy/Angel soundtrack on TV Show Radio, writing Shirley Holmes/Veronica Mars fic, with a t-rex and a stegasaurus staring at me from a shelf above my desk. I am so fandomed-out it's ridiculous.

I wonder what degree that would put me on the Scale of Geek. Y'know, if you could measure it, like on a thermometer? I imagine that having my Geek semi-public in my workspace ratchets it up a bit higher. I suppose there's a gradient, that there's low-level Geek, like "owns a few t-shirts, repeats movie viewings", followed by that, but with added "in costume."

I imagine that the far, misty upper levels on the Scale would fall somewhere like "has not seen sun in ten years," and that beyond that your position on the Scale of Geek is measured in degrees directly proportionate to the number of extra rooms you've had to construct underneath your house to house your action figure collections, with extra added points for "segregating heroes from villains to keep them from fighting and scratching their paint," which probably takes you right off the Scale into the upper echelons, with a title something like "Geek Beyond the Ken of Mere Mortals."

Maybe then, you get a robe. Or a hat. Or maybe just a tasteful little lapel pin. No one knows where it comes from, it just arrives.

I have too much time to think, I think. ;)

EDIT: I was going to mention that the Veronica Mars TV Show Radio station is gone, and in its place is some stupid "Blender" thing that seems to be all hip-hop, and that the Grey's Anatomy one won't let me in, and that I'd listen to the Buff-Angel more happily except it occasionally plays songs from the musical episode, which I find I can't stand to hear anymore because I've heard it TOO. MANY. BLOODY. TIMES.

But then it started playing the audio from the last episode of Season Five, and I was suddenly okay with it again.

And remembering how I wish that that time, she'd stayed dead.

And now I have mad urge for Firefly. DAMNIT.