December 7th, 2006


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The STUPID battery on my STUPID phone just STUPID died, for no reason, especially less reason as it was PLUGGED IN ALL NIGHT, GODDAMN THING.

I'm hoping that it's just flat, and not dead-dead. New battery = disproportionately fucking expensive, especially since the phone was FREE. FUCKERS.

So, yeah. calantha42? I'll be coming home before we go out. To perform CPR on my phone. :(
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Places I must go tomorrow, after there is money:

In person:
-yarn store
-liquor store
-Future Shop
-AE (probably)
-that little shawl stand by the Lululemon
-the kitchen, to bake

And on Tuesday, after the card payments go through:

And yes, I realise that the Internet isn't a place. Technically.

Still presents to get for... *counts* ...augh. Twenty-one people. Most of them are "cookies" or "knitting" or "small bottle of booze," though, so that's not as intimidating as it sounds. Quite gleeful about a few people's gifts. catsclaws, for example. And also mik100. And Mum's. And my cousin's kid. (Bwahah, I'm evil.) *gloat, gloat, gloat*

And then, I will have everybody's presents.

Except the ones I'm knitting.

Toronto people? Your presents are going to be late.


Maybe. Unless I pull of a knitting miracle in the next couple of weeks.

Eleven-thirty. Damnit.