December 5th, 2006



Dad called, at the same moment I was checking the UPS website in between applications, to tell me that my graphics tablet has arrived (It was ordered to my parents', because my dad orders everything shiny and electronic that I buy over the internet on his own card, so that he can deduct it as a business expense. Amusingly, this is possibly the first such item that can realistically be considered a business expense, as most of what I do for Dad is digital inking and the like. The last things were, in reverse chronological order, my laptop, my desktop machine, and a couple of years before that, a CD burner. Don't look at me. I have no idea.), and to allow me to offer a bribe to my sister to drive it out to my place after work. (I start out offering bribes, with Faya, these days. It's far more expedient than just asking nicely.) I then had lunch with mik100, where I told her how WoW is weirdly addictive despite the fact that I am horrendous at it, can't kill monsters on purpose but can actually just enter fight mode and stand there, and people keep stealing my giant green spiders and taking their venom sacks before I can loot their corpses, then running away shouting "ha ha! noob!" and leaving me shaking my pixelated purple fist after their bad manners and worse grammar. How hard is it, really, to construct proper sentences in in-game chat? I've managed it, so far, and intend to go on managing it. Jerks.

As a result, I've spent the intervening two hours fantasizing about two things: fighting more monsters/getting enough points to use the funky dagger I got for the venom sacks(still not sure how to tell the relationship between proficiency and weapon)/changing realms, because I'm bored in the current one, and finally scanning and inking the picture of Abigail Quince I drew during a NaNo block and swore I wouldn't colour until my tablet came, which it has.

And also, sigh, I want to work in television. Possibly I will try and find a copy of Final Draft somewhere online when I get home.

Back to work.