November 17th, 2006


I am eating cereal...

...because apparently, due to the crazy psycho rainstorm we had Tuesday and especially Wednesday, there's enough turbidity (and bacteria) in the water to make it undrinkable. That must've been one fucker of a rainstorm, to knock out the Annacis Island plant, on top of everything else.

The point is, this sucks. They posted warnings in our building lobby telling us to boil water even for brushing teeth. Makes showering a whole new adventure, let me tell you. Also can't make hot cereal, at least not effectively, as the whole experience of cream of wheat is a tricky chemistry experiment, at the best of times. Tried once and it either boiled over or wouldn't solidify; I gave up. Can't even wash dishes; all sort of defeats the purpose, if we just have to wash them again with other water to get the nasty off of them.

Stupid bastard winter. We need new water processing plants, is what we need. *glare*

Went to pick up my gift certificate for the chocoholic bar. Now just need to figure out when Mum and I can both go at the same time. Bought a couple of litre-bottles of water to supplement what we've got in the fridge, and by the way, having to boil water to make it drinkable is a huge pain in the ass. Mum and I stopped at the IHOP at Lougheed for FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD as we were both starving (Her 'cause she's always hungry, me 'cause I hadn't eaten since breakfast yesterday... when I'm sick, I don't really eat food. Last two days I kept thinking: "I know I should eat, but the whole idea of food makes me want to die." So no food.), and everyone around us was all pissed off beyond reason that the restauraunt couldn't give them a glass of water, or pop. Are you shitting me? You're blaming the IHOP staff for rainstorms and turbidity levels? Riiight. The girl in the booth behind us threw a shit fit because the waitress wouldn't give her juice for the same price as pop (which they also couldn't serve, 'cause most restaurants use syrup and water to make their pop), and then demanded she be given an iced tea which, by the way, also made with tapwater, you stupid girl. Nearly leapt across the table and strangled her while Mum was in the bathroom. Didn't. Too tired. Glared at the back of her head and left the waitress a five-dollar tip, instead.

Still feeling icky. Blech.

On another note entirely, queenofthorns says:

How To Play:

1) Comment with your username.
2) Go back to your own LJ and post the link your comment because otherwise, no one will know to come fawn over you if you don't tell them about it!
3) Your friends will leave ANONYMOUS comments to your comment about all the many reasons that you are WONDERFUL, and then they will comment with THEIR usernames and go post the link to THEIR comments and it will be a giant big snowball of love.
4) We will all feel WARM and FUZZY and excited about the KINDNESS OF STRANGERS! YAY!!!

Anonymous comments are on, IP logging is off. I'll leave accidentally signed comments (although it's really a lot more fun if it's anonymous!) and although I don't expect this to come up, I'll delete anything mean.

And I say, what the hell. I feel crappy today.
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