November 13th, 2006


Watching Battlestar Galactica Classic.

I'm not exactly surprised or anything. It's just hilarious, is all.

Okay. I have no idea of the episode title, but it's the one (of two, possibly?) where Count Ibli (s/p) (some creepy guy in white robes that they find on a planet and decide for some reason to bring back to the incredibly vulnerable fleet) is the manipulative (And Possibly Re-Incarnated Cylon) Bastard In White who hypnotizes the entire fleet, tries to blow up the survivors, then kills Apollo when Satan Ibli tries and fails to steal Sheba's soul. Then Sheba and Starbuck cry, load Apollo's body into the ship, and head back to the Galactica - only to be sucked into an alternate dimension all full of glowy white light, where all their clothes turn white, and the Ascended sparkly aliens bring Apollo back to life, and tell them that a) humanity is destined for something awesome, b) although Ibli was totally allowed to kill Sheba, who had chosen to follow him, by killing Apollo he broke the rules, and will now have to be punished, and c) they can't help them directly, because they can't interfere with free will, and that's why it was okay for Ibli to kill Sheba and not Apollo, and why they didn't interfere when Ibli was trying to hypnotize the fleet into the nearest sun, because they chose to follow him.

Count Ibli = Anubis
Glowy-Voice Man = Oma
Apollo = Daniel (or something)
Sparkly Aliens = The Ascended, circa 1976!

SG-1 really doesn't do anything original, and I love them for that. ;)

Ew. BSG is over. Enterprise is coming. Time to change the channel...

...and watch Torchwood! :D

And I don't even have to worry about tomorrow.

I will, of course, but I don't have to. ;)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
23,712 / 50,000

I have also, somehow, managed to spontaneously generate structure. No idea how that happened. Hee. ^.^

Had a three-day weekend. Have another one starting Friday, and want desperately not to have to go to work tomorrow. Laid around all morning, finally sat down around one to watch Supernatural. I got through all but the last seven episodes of season one, and will probably watch those tomorrow, but don't worry, mik100, I'll mail the others back in the morning, so that's three discs you can check off your list.

And while we're on the subject, I hate you, mik100, because I am having plotbunnies that involve, as all my fic these days involves, crossovers, and diagrams, and I simply don't have time right now, so seriously, you need to talk to the plotbunnies and tell them that angsty brothers chasing demons fic is not on the menu right now, and that they'd better get back to working on manifesting themselves as children at a boarding school creatively murdering each other, and quick, or they're fired. I know they're yours, don't you sit there looking all innocent.

If I dream about Sam and Dean Winchester fighting twelve-year-olds dressed in medieval armour while a school burns in the background, I'm blaming you.

Nearly eleven. Time for bed.

Helsinki Complaints Choir

This is really very clever, and also sort of deep in a weird way. Really liked the bit about Finnish being "bloody difficult to learn," because have you *heard* Finnish?

Spotted in Neil Gaiman's blog. He said "it made me miss Finland." It made me miss Finland and I've never *been* to Finland. ^.^

OH AND ALSO EDIT: calantha42 and I were NEARLY HORRIBLY KILLED yesterday leaving the mall, when some... I'm going to say "Sunday Driver" instead of the thing I THOUGHT at the time because it could be interpreted... badly, and it was Sunday, but the point is SOME WOMAN drifted into the crosswalk we were, well, crossing, under a REALLY BRIGHT STREETLIGHT, in a WELL-LIT PARKING LOT, CARRYING WHITE SHOPPING BAGS. I mean okay, we weren't wearing reflector-strips or anything, but we were not invisible. Oh and also IT WAS A CROSSWALK. The idiot woman just WASN'T FUCKING PAYING ATTENTION.

I swore at her and punched her car. And then I yelled "IT'S A CROSSWALK!" and she looked scared I was going to stab her or something and sped off in terror. GOOD, I HOPE I DENTED HER HOOD AND THEN SHE WENT HOME AND HAD A SMALL STROKE. And then flushed her carkeys and license down the toilet.

I'm watching out for you, bitch. *scary stalker face*