October 30th, 2006

born and raised

It is done.

The uniform is finished. That's funny. That's twice in three years that my Halloween costume has been a uniform of some kind. Of course from vastly different fandoms, but uniforms nonetheless.

I'll spare you the just-done image for this evening, this year, as my costume is a Classic Trek-era Starfleet uniform of the miniskirt variety, and I can't find my tights right now and also it seems wrong to photograph this costume without my hair done up properly. (No, folks, there will be no beehives on my head. First because that name always makes me think of that Freaky Stories short with the blond girl and the spiders inside her hair, and second because... well, have you seen my hair? A beehive would weigh ten pounds and the neckache would be distinctly un-fun.) It's blue, which means I will either go evil and telepathic or faint a whole lot. I'm Lieutenant Fainty. I was going to go with gold, because let's face it, I should under no circumstances be involved in either the science or the medicine aboard a spaceship of any kind, but they didn't have gold, and red seemed like a bad risk, so.

But there will be pictures tomorrow. One of the costume, and some others from the Halloween Haunt last night. (Which was lots of fun, grabby zombies notwithstanding. And we came away with photographic evidence of having been in Fake Space. Also, calantha42 and I sat in chairs at some point previously and in the future occupied by the bottoms of Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett, in that order. Probably. I choose to believe. ;)

But, because you're all so patient, some highlights: I got groped by a zombie horde, and also got exploded giant bug in my hair.

Yeah. Keep 'em coming back. That's the trick. :P

Halloween tomorrow! :D