October 26th, 2006


Who knows why fax machines are stupid?

Because they're just like telephones, except that they don't have call waiting, voice mail, or any of the other things that actually make telephones tolerable.

I've been trying, since yesterday afternoon, to fax something to the Reg Office at Xavier (I need a transcript, and the cold breath of submission deadline has begun creeping up my spine), and I haven't been able to do it. Why? Because it's a Reg Office, and so understandably the fax is busy, *all the time,* and when fax machines get a busy signal, they drop the call.

Why I can't just scan it into PDF and e-mail it, I have NO IDEA.

Okay, yes, I do. I work in a Reg Office as well. Many, many students are lying little assholes. That makes it no less fucking annoying when met up with the real world.

*panics slightly*

I don't even know why we still *use* fax machines.

I have now e-mailed the woman at StFX three times, and haven't gotten a reply. Now, I know she's probably busy. I know this because she's basically my counterpart at Xavier. She does the same job *I* do.

But *I* always manage to answer my e-mails, damnit. And we have, like, 275,000 students to their 5,000. So, yeah. I'm a little pissed by this point.

Fax still isn't going through. Have now tried FOUR times. E-mailed to ask if I could prettypleasejustthisonce scan it to PDF and e-mail it. Haven't heard back on that, either.

*drums fingers on desk* C'mon, lady. Pay attention.


Finally got it through. By calling my mother and having her do it from *her* office.

Our stupid fax machine is broken. Or, more likely, hates me. *glares in general direction of copy room*

And I have my Dougie transcript, in my hand, right now. All down to Canada Post, now. *quails*

THE COLD BREATH OF SUBMISSION DEADLINES CREEPING UP MY NECK EDIT: Is it deeply stupid of me that I am now looking at everything I have ever written and thinking Oh, gods, I write like I am twelve and they will never like me? I hate assembling portfolios. I have always hated assembling portfolios. I would like for this concern to be stupid. I suspect that it is stupid. I write well. I have a varied and coherent style. TELL ME THAT IT IS STUPID OR I WILL CONTINUE PANICKING.
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And then she marched into Future Shop...

So it went something like this:

Me: *la la la, checking LJ*
Monitor: *makes funny noise*
Me: *pause, la la la*
Monitor: *makes louder funny noise and flickers slightly*
Me: *opens Media Center and starts burning things*
Monitor: *is pitch-black*
Me: *tries to turn up brightness*
Monitor: *flickers some more*
Me: *glares at it*
Monitor: *makes even louder funny noise and randomly resets screen geometry to default*
Me: WTF!
Monitor: *is at 800 x 600 and has slid desktop halfway off the screen*
Me: WTF, man, WTF.
Monitor: *chuckles, evilly*

And now I'm buying a new monitor tomorrow. An LCD one, I was thinking 19-inch, but then a 20-inch jumped out and grabbed me around the neck, screaming "Pick me! I am only fifty-five dollars more AND I HAVE SPEAKERS!"

In which case, I will go with Mum after fabric shopping for my Classic Trek Starfleet uniform, and then I will take it to Maple Ridge and mock Dad with it. He brought home two (TWO. NO, SERIOUSLY. TWO.) 19-inch Viewsonics the weekend-before-last because... because he and Rob went to buy DVD-Rs and went all giddy and insane. And gloated. Oh, did he gloat. And then he offered me *his* old 19-inch CRT, which is now randomly flickering into 800 x 600. This is especially unhelpful when editing graphics or watching TV.

Seriously. Look at it. Isn't it pretty? *drools*