October 19th, 2006



So, what I'm downloading right now? Is the coolest thing since 1997. 'Cause it's the first season of The Adventures of Shirley Holmes.

calantha42's on a list for it, and somebody finally got 'round to ripping VHS tapes and uploading it.


'Course, it will all get worse once we finish season one and don't have season two.

But in the meantime: *squee!*
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Letters to the Masses

Dear Annoying Student:

STOP APPLYING. You don't have to apply repeatedly in order to get processed. At three each for the next two semesters, you are already at the limit for active applications, so I'm just going to keep deleting the new ones anyway, as you keep applying to the *same* three programs. So stop applying, stop calling, and sit down and shut up until we send you a letter. AND DEFINITELY STOP APPLYING EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. FOR TWO WEEKS.



your Very Patient Admissions Assistant.