September 7th, 2006

caffiene happy

This is me.

It's here! The baby has arrived, as evidenced by this post being made from my parents' living room and not my dad's extremely dusty office, the home of the only working internet connection other than my sister's, and she's using hers.

The laptop has arrived! In the tradition of all other laptops in this family, I have named it Weebill, as this is an Aussie bird, after Kookaburra, Gallah, and Budgerigar, the other family laptops. (The desktops are Dingo, Gecko, Bandicoot, and... I can't remember the other one. But it's probably carnivorous.)

It's beautiful, I should say. As it is. It's shiny and black and silver, and widescreen, and has new-computer smell. You know that smell? You know that smell. (Boomer! The other one's called Boomer.) It's lovely and we're going to be very happy together. *pets it*

And it weighs practically nothing. Yee. My old one weighed something like nine pounds, probably ten. This one's 5.2. I even *like* the keyboard. Right away, even. No annoying adjustment and why the hell are the scroll keys way up there? Just nice. Good. *pets it again*

Now I just need a bag for it so I don't have to live in perpetual fear of its imminent destruction. *wibbles*

Should do that, then.

Working three days, then starting new job on Monday. Then working on Saturday at the store, as I said I'd be nice and do that 'til the end of the month, at least. I'm nice. Stop looking at me like that.

The important thing is: I have my laptop. And the Canada Post tracker *still* lists it as having not moved since three o'clock yesterday afternoon. I should just stop looking at trackers. I should. But every single time...
born and raised

Mission: Find a picture of a computer from the year you were born.

It could be worse. I mean, mine's at least in colour. But I still feel *old*.

(My baby sister turned eighteen the day before yesterday. I have grounds. :P)

OMG, I completely mock. OMG, I completely mock.

She says, typing from her brand new five-pound laptop PC, bwahah. Things sure have changed.

You'll note the Strawberry Shortcake I'm wearing in that icon, there. This is an era-appropriate post, through-and-through. ;)