August 24th, 2006


Randomly, I'm finally caught up on Sluggy.

Bringing me up to four webcomics daily. More! I need more!

Other good news: MGM doesn't want to end SG1, so they may be looking into finding new distributors/funding for another season/a miniseries so they can finish the plot. Now that's just awesome. You rock, MGM. You suck, Bonnie Hammer. Wrestling, indeed. *blech* And we can't even get Sci-Fi up here.

I should have an appointment for the interview at Douglas by the time I get home tomorrow. Time to brush up on Word, yee. :)

Also, I now have *two* of my co-workers obsessively reading CvsE. Which makes me deliriously happy. Because it is mean. But nice, for me. *beams* (Anybody else want to read it? Anybody? Come on, you know you want to. If you like urban fantasy and weird-ass characters, you should like this. Unless I suck. But then you can *tell* me! And protect the world from my madness.)

One week 'til laptop. Time to start thinking about names.

And finally, I'm still a little confused. How many planets do we have now? o.O

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I went to check the locks on the sliding door, and found Kitty on the balcony. Opened the door to offer foody-type-bribes, but unfortunately the opening of the door seemed to startle Kitty, and then Kitty and I spent a few tense minutes regarding one another warily from opposite sides of the railing. Eventually I gave up, left a little heap of salmon treats on the mat (where Kitty had been lying) and shut the door. At least Kitty is resting on our mat, anyway. That's progress.
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Four entries. I just can't seem to shut up today.

Watched first episode of Life On Mars. Hoo boy, this looks like one of the brain-sucking ones. Not that I'm necessarily against that.

And then I scrolled through old LJ entries looking for a backup of something, and now I'm feeling maudlin again. Damnit. I'm having another one of those "let's just pack a bag and wander off" moods. Argh. And there will now be weird-ass dreams with mysterious scrolls and sentient-vine-filled apartments and people on bicycles outside my window visible only by the glowing tips of their cigarrettes and nuclear explosions that destroy everything except my bedroom.

ARGH. This is what makes me unlikeable.

Work is going to be so much fun tomorrow. :(

...and now I go the hell to bed.