August 3rd, 2006


Longest. Flight. Ever.

Which I guess means I haven't really been very far, but still. Nine hours for a Toronto-Vancouver flight is a little excessive.

Okay. That was a little too much coherence for 2:24am. Let me rephrase: home. Alive. Tired. Yaymuchcoolerhere. Going the fuck to bed, and possibly developing sudden illness in the morning, as am totally not up for eight hours of shoeless morons tomorrow. Almost wish had gotten bumped to new flight, so could have retreated to dexfarkin's couch. Would have been flatter. Hate airplane seats.

Going to bed now. Good luck to everyone still stranded, and to the lady next to me who may or may not have just missed her flight to Taipei. Fucking Air Canada. This particular crapfest wasn't all their fault, but they made us pay for food while trapped in a grounded airplane for five hours, so fuck them.


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Aaaand I have the day off. I believe we hired New Girl. Hurrah! No more random call-ins.

Now to make myself sleepy again so I can pass out.
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