May 28th, 2006



Y'know, just so you can all be sure that I've gone completely VM-crazy. Have a whole list of other ones I want to do, including:

-family phone plan (Veronica and Wallace have the same phone. Isn't that just unbearably adorable?)
-checking you out for wires (Weevil and Veronica. Use your imaginations.)
-when she's eighteen, I can BUY HER A GUN (Keith, looking harried.)
-Another "Weevil love you long time," this one somehow involving a motorcycle.
-Something involving Wallace and Jackie, with the lines: "She said 'jump,' right?" "She said two hundred dollars."

And others. Eventually. ;)

Wow, is that the time? o.O

EDIT: another two for the list: "your trellis is a whore" and "good cop/bad cop" with a cap of the veronica/weevil motorcycle frame

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The self-narrative style of Veronica Mars, although cool, has been bothering me, because it reminds me of something else. I've been trying to figure out for a couple of weeks what, but tonight, as calantha42 and I were watching another downloaded goodie, I had a moment of ephiphany.

Veronica Mars is MacGyver.


Seriously, think about it. Geekery, snarkiness, self-deprecating and snotty commentary, real-time narration. Not to mention judicious use of gadgets.

And now, of course, there must be a story of some kind in which the two meet. MacGyver being, of course, an old friend of Keith Mars.

I have way too much time on my hands. ;)
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