May 12th, 2006


Just little cracks, but they're starting.

In my patience, I mean. The SFU site persists in telling me only: "Application for Graduation Under Review By Faculty." Which is okay, was okay, two months ago when I applied, but now is getting to the point of Will You People Please Hurry Up, As I Am Supposed To Convocate on June Ninth, Which Is Now Barely Five Weeks Away, Damnit.

Additionally, I am not yet ferociously annoyed with my job, but the World of Shoes becomes dull. On the plus side, I am doing more than thirty-five hours on average, now, but when I look at the schedule and see myself working four eight-hour shifts in a row asking people how their shoes fit, I sigh. I suspect the ennui comes mostly from the fact that so far, all that time in the world of shoes has not allowed me to do anything fun as reward, and I fully expect it to become immediately less dull once I get paid, but at the moment, Dull.

Quick, somebody entertain me.
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I did not sit down to do this.

I swear, I didn't. But I think I'm converting something else I'm considering doing into fic because it's less direct, and gives me more time to think.

But, yeah, it's Subreality fic. Very meta. Potentially huge. Should stop now while there's still time. ;)

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In other news, I closed tonight and I'm opening tomorrow. And I'm working all the useful hours on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I think next week I'm going to ask him if he can make sure my days off are two-together... because working five days of eight hours straight is a lot easier when there's two days of veg-worthy nothingness and the end of it, or at least two days in which I can reformat my computer. Which I really need to do.

I really should go to bed now. Have to get up in seven hours. :(