April 22nd, 2006


Appeal to Trek Geeks

I wanted to reference, but can't seem to find, the "Reasons You Should Love The Sisko" thing that was posted a while back. I can't even remember who posted it. skywaterblue? nostalgia_lj? For some reason I want to think it was one of you. Fess up? :)

Somewhere my mother has a picture of me, at ten, making splitty-finger-Vulcan-hands, and grinning like an idiot. I wanted to use it to make an icon. "Geek. Born and Raised." But I can't even find a picture of *any* kid making Live-Long-And-Prosper hands, so I may have been pre-emptively thwarted. :(

Things I Want #217

Reasonably accurate sheet music/guitar chords for "I'm Going To Go Back There Some Day" from The Muppet Movie. The sheetbook is out of print, there's one copy in the entire Lower Mainland library system, and it's In-Library Use Only, which is a gigantic pain in the ass. There are ninety kajillion copies online of the chords for "The Rainbow Connection", which is a pretty song, but one which is horrifically out of my range, and anyway, Gonzo.

Damnit. >.
born and raised

Addendum: (also GIP)

Found it.

Painting tomorrow. Calling-to-transfer-services tomorrow, hopefully. Monday, insurance. Tuesday, Really Long Day, aka: moving. Gods. Tired just thinking about it.

dragonfly13, if you still need storage space, pipe up now, as we'll only have the van the one day. We apparently do *have* storage space, though, so that's something.

dianahobart, seriously, this is bordering on cruel. Please exhibit some symptom of being alive. It would be really nice.

The good thing about Tuesday is that we are basically loading the van, driving down the street half a block, and unloading the van. The fact that this is also the silly thing about Tuesday has not escaped me.

Drew random girl in motion with boots today. Don't know why. Was watching Skyland (for the record, not nearly as headache-inducing as I sort of expected). This is evident in the drawing. Then I spent two hours digitally leafing through files trying to write something. This was a dismal failure.

I need to travel, or something. I think the inside of my head has dried up. :(