April 21st, 2006


I don't want to jinx it, but...

...I feel the need to inform the Internet that I seem to have managed to beat back a bout of potential and ill-timed strep throat, or some similar infection, through ruthless application of chewable vitamin C tablets, peppermint tea, and echinacea alone. Never mind that my body is now virtually immune to antibiotics, LOOK! Naturopathic medicine *does* work! If you use it in time. Take that, naysayers! Hah.

Now just to do something about the headaches. And the boxes, everywhere, taunting me.

calantha42, we may have a new kitchen table and chairs. Circular, one-piece laminated top, 40-inch diameter. Mum picked it up for ten bucks at the Salvation Army. Now all we need is a real couch, and we're all set. :)

*twiddles thumbs in extremely poor impression of calm*

Bad News: Still nothing from the temp place. Bastards. Don't even answer their phones. >.<

Good News:
Apparently, I *do* have to pay thirty bucks to clean the carpets, but I don't have to paint. I'm not sure why. I am, nonetheless, going to paint-match and then spackle-and-touch-up-some-spots, because I *did* make little holes in the wall, after all, with pushy-pin-things, and I really, *really* need my deposit back, as quickly as possible.

Still not feeling awesome-healthy, but better-ish.

Could Go Either Way News: We're moving over three days. Sort of. Moving the big stuff Tuesday the 25th, i.e. all we can manage, except my mattress, the computer, the kitchen stuff, and some clothes. Leaves time to transfer services (cable/internet/power/etc.) and tidy up with a vengeance before we take the last of the stuff Wednesday the 26th, or the 27th. I hate being in transition. My head is going to explode. Soon, too.

I can't pack any more than I've already packed. All that's left is the kitchen, the desk, the bathroom (which is one box, and not a particularly big one). And clothes. But that's more of a throw-them-in-the-backseat, drive-down-the-block, hang-them-back-up sort of thing. Did I mention I am moving down the block? Not even a whole block.

Place feels big, empty, and untidy. This, predictably, is driving me totally effing insane.

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EDIT: I have had a potential change of heart over this new Star Trek thing Abrams is working on (though that part of it I still find pretty horrifying), solely because I realized that Young!Kirk and Young!Spock might potentially mean Young!Bones, and I miss Deforest Kelley terribly.

It's probably still going to suck. :P