March 28th, 2006

short people

Damn you, Nickelodeon.

We don't get the Nickelodeon station. In Canada, at all, so far as I know. So I've only caught Avatar: The Last Airbender in one-episode-a-week format on Saturday mornings on YTV. They play it right after Teen Titans. (Shut up. I'm eight. I *love* cartoons.) I caught Avatar halfway through an episode one morning, and then I had to go look it up, because it was so pretty, and also because it looked like anime, moved like anime, even, sort of, read like anime, but was not anime. "Wow," I thought. "An American company has finally managed to successfully counterfeit anime." I mean, okay, some of it is awfully Western. The dialogue, mostly. But I'm willing to let it slide.

So, since I'm impatient, I went and downloaded the first season.

The result? I am now COMPLETELY ADDICTED. ('Cause I really needed another show. o.O) Is there a second season? At all? Is it out? Is it online? IwantIwantIwant.

EDIT: I think I am somehow shipping Katara/Zuko. I mean, come on. He stole her necklace. That either means he's madly in love with her and can't admit it or he's a serial killer. Trinket-collecting doesn't fall much in between. Is that wrong? ;)

IT'S EATING MY BRAIN EDIT: No, that's it. I just re-watched episodes 19 and 20 and it's EATING MY BRAIN. Where is the second season? Somebody help me. o.O