March 27th, 2006


Not that the book isn't a pretty multi-faceted crossover on its own.

So, I'm watching The Hours. For a class, of course, although hurrah, one more dubiously-legal DVD for my collection. And it's all going along so well, and I'm loving the transitions and the cinematography and the extremely subtle score, and the fact that it's rather nicer, more sort of engrossing and glowy (I can't think of any other way to describe it, honestly) than in the book, and I'm enjoying it rather more than Mrs. Dalloway, or even the actual novel version of the movie, and I'm thinking, hey, I don't remember liking this, this much, when I saw it when it was new, and then, BAM. On walks Sally. And Sally is Allison Janney. Oh no. I try to resist, to pay attention to the movie in front of me, but by the time Sally has smirked around the doorframe at Clarissa, it is too late. CJ Craig has run away to New York City to live out her mutually sarcastic lesbian fantasies with Meryl Streep. For the rest of the film I am viewing the actors through Fandom Crossover Lens, and all I can think when Richard throws himself out the window is that "this is going to destroy Clarissa - it's too bad CJ can't run back to Toby, what with the Federal prison charges and all, though really who would dare question the two of them together, in all their dubiously heterosexual glory and sarcasm that could blow up the sun..." and oh no that's a Stargate reference. Fandom has broken my brain.

And then there was the brief but enthusiastic mental detour that involved Toby and Clarissa!Meryl Streep in a Cage Match To The Death for CJ's affections. I blame that part on my film prof's ridiculously deep and abiding adoration for Meryl Streep. And Aaron Sorkin. And society. And my parents.