March 21st, 2006


For the most part, I'm pretty vague about the Olympics.

Except, see, this? Just pisses me off.

Seems that the speed-skating oval that Richmond stole from SFU is going to be basically useless after the Olympics are over. So, they screwed us out of an Olympic landmark, with promises of lower costs to the IOC because they planned on taxing the middle-class to pay for the inflation hikes (the same people who didn't actually get to, y'know, vote on it, or anything), and now the ridiculously expensive structure they're going to build? Is disposable. Because nobody could have predicted that building a massive concrete complex intended to hold thousands of people on SILT could have any potential downside. o.O

And now they're adamantly and pissily telling everyone that they've mentioned the silt-related problems "thousands of times" and that nobody should really be surprised. Except I'm pretty sure they haven't. And damnit, our campus directory maps still have a little dotted-lined-off-area that says "future site of speed skating oval." Sad little maps. And the worst thing that can happen up there is that it could slide off the mountain in case of an eight-point-five on the Richter scale, which, let's face it, is somewhat less likely than the big expensive skating thingy sinking into the ground as Richmond is wont to do, what with being built on a gigantic alluvial fan.

My sunburn: still not faded. Not even a little. Have used ice, have used aloe, have screamed at it. This is unusual, and a little excessive, I think, even if I *am* the pastiest pasty thing that ever lived. Curse you, nasty yellow face!

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