March 20th, 2006


Ooh. Unfair.

Columbia House is now selling TV series on DVD.

Not. Fair.

They have DS9 and B5 and Sliders and...


Additionally, Bastard Captain Watters from the DS9 episode Valiant (Jake and Nog get attacked by Jem Hadar and rescued by a ship full of over-ambitious cadets commanded by the mildly psychotic Captain Watters and his first officer Commander Farris who is so bitchy she gives Analucia some serious competition, if Ana Lucia had a stick up her ass the size of a Pacific cedar.) looks a whole lot like Michael Rosenbaum, but isn't. But it's spooky. The actual actor is an extremely Canadian actor who's been in almost nothing but sci-fi filmed in Vancouver. Because there are none of those at all. ;)

To hell with what the calendars say.

Today, leaving my apartment for poetry class, I almost turned around and went back. "Fuck this," I thought, "it's way too nice a day to spend four hours inside workshopping. I'm going to the park." Of course, I did end up *going* to class, but fortunately my classmates and I agreed that we should go *outside* for workshop today. There were little white and purple flowers in all the grass, making me inordinately happy. Almost as much as all the CHERRY TREES! that are now blooming in New West. We mounted the pyramid in the Academic Quadrangle. There were thinly-veiled bribes snacks. Nobody told me about the snacks. Next week, I will bring brownies. Or something. Chocolate is a good bribe snack.

But there we sat. And today, despite the chilly wind, and the fact that it is March 20th, I managed, sitting outside for under three hours, fully clothed and in fact wrapped in my Gryffindor scarf, to get a sunburn.

That's it. It's officially spring now.
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