February 21st, 2006


Really just a snippet. (Gray's Anatomy)

Look at this, I'm writing fic.

Mostly for the angst.

Collapse )

There is more. Although right now I don't have a title. "Shades of The Morning After" has been running around in my head for an hour, now, but I keep wanting to change it to something else. The basic premise is that Collapse )

EDIT: Watching the end of the last season of Gilmore Girls. And holy benevolent gods, did I ever underestimate the level of Evil And Manipulative in Rory's Stupid Badly-Written Hasty Exit of this episode. How random was that dissolve-into-tears? "Grandpa isn't buying it, time to turn on the waterworks."

...sorry. The whole deviant storyline really BUGGED me. It was so utterly random and seemed so obviously like they'd switched writers or gotten onto some new crack that wasn't going over well. o.O