January 26th, 2006


All I need is another hundred years on my lifespan, and free school FOREVER.

"Utopia Project" is officially the best thing I've heard in two weeks. I have now got my Humanities group convinced that either I am a) batshit crazy in a mildly amusing way, or b) awe-inspiringly talented and clever. Either is actually okay with me, because it results in c) we are doing Paxverse for our Utopia Project. This means I get a free labour volunteer force to make maps, make charts, write encyclopedic entries, versions of the Qualification Exam (the thing that makes you a Citizen), write legal-sounding laws regarding the Contra-Biological Imperative law (the thing that erases all governmental recognition of religious marriage, gender, sex, sexual orientation, and race from society), and myriad other wonderful geeky things.

They looked such a perfect balance of impressed/scared that I wanted to pat them on the heads and assure them that my hyperactive rambling and high-speed enthusiasm were in no way a threat to their lives, but rather a symptom of my being a big, huge geek who can't shut up when I get talking about something cool.

I managed to slide Qualified Electorate and Household Definitions by without even a blink. I don't know if that's 'cause they're socialist by major-choice or just 'cause I was talking very, very fast and they didn't understand everything I said.

Whatever. Bwahahah!

Erm. Anyway. It is six-thirty-seven. The Zombie Militia (no, really) meeting is at nine-thirty, so going home would be stupid.

Sidebar: Dad gets the you-can't-eat-any-real-food tube out today! Hoorah! (Less bitching! Hoorah!)

Best thing about Humanities class so far? Everybody in there has at least some ambition for world domination, and a solid half of the four-hour block is taken up by reciprocal leftist ranting. MY PEOPLE, I HAVE FOUND YOU.

Next mission: supper.

And tomorrow, we hand in the clubs package and become An Official Club, With An E-mail Address And Everything. I am very excited. Geek Solidarity. Ooh! That should go on the t-shirts.

Now just to figure out how to air Firefly without getting sued. o.O