January 5th, 2006


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I wrote an extremely complex To-Do List (which was, in actuality, not all that complex, but I am lazy and have become frightfully sedentary and so it was daunting) for myself yesterday. I did... one thing, on the list. Today, I made myself dress up nice, print out resumes, and go out and do things with them, with course books, with yarn, and with groceries.

Result: twelve resumes and six actual job applications submitted, including the public library, two Starbuckses, the Blends down the street, the four big-name book stores within forty minutes' walk/transit, and the comic book store on 12th (A long shot, but hell - it is the only comic book store within walking-distance of my apartment whose regulars and existing employees do not react with OMG GIRL FLEE THE BUILDING when I go in, and therefore the only one in which I have bought anything, as it also lacks the dark-and-creepy ambiance that tells you massive colonies of cockroaches and the denuded skeletons of cheerleaders are hidden behind the peeling walls. I am geek, but I am geek with fear of rotting corpses and silverfish.). I hold out little hope for most of them. Is it wrong to hope that somebody at the library contracts a temporary and painless but debilitating illness for the next four months? 'Cause that's really all I need...

Had to go back to Metrotown twice, before and after school, because I forgot half the things I went there to do. On the way home afterward, I stopped at the Starbucks because I needed a Chantico, and the nice barista who looks like one of the Ashmore twins (mik100 asked me if maybe it was actually an Ashmore twin - they do live in Vancouver - and I said probably not, but maybe it's the less successful one; I guess it's not completely out of the question, and since he always smiles at me I am willing to accord him less-successful-twin-brother-of-movie-star status) told me they were taking Chantico off the menu, soon. This makes me sad. First Tazoberry, and now the chocolate crack. Starbucks refuses to keep anything on the menu that I actually like. Although apparently, they're now saying that coffee prevents breast cancer, so maybe I should renew my attempts to acquire a taste for the stuff. Previous attempts are discouraging, as are attempts to start liking beer.

Got my coursebooks, about half new, half used. Sold back a couple from last semester, got about twenty dollars. Sigh. I almost wish I could get less attached to my school books, especially the ones I end up loathing as if they were people. I would end up with a little more money. Trouble is that I only get attached to the obscure and expensive ones. Argh. Um, got yarn. The Metrotown Zellers yarn section is horrifically disorganized. I spent twenty minutes rifling through every shelf, and found two balls of silver, and *one* ball of green (the yarn was for mik100's Slytherin scarf) - and I am now one yarnball short. Grr. I found them, also, in three completely different places. (And that Zellers? Is *not* hiring. Despite their obvious need for people to organize their yarn shelves. mik100 would have had an aneurism. My organizational compulsiveness was making me twitchy, but her compulsiveness is yarn-specific. It would not have been pretty.)

At the end of this scarf, I will have made scarves for all four houses. I don't know any local Hufflepuffs, or I'd round that out. On which subject, dragonfly13, I cannot remember when you're coming back. There's a Thing for you, with a bow on it, that you have to come and claim. Same goes for calantha42, presuming she is still talking to me when she returns. *cringes* And wixon, who I'll see... I guess, when I see. o.O

By the way, the nice comfy black shoes that I bought last year for potential workiness? Not quite so comfy as they look, with prolonged use. I suspect that they just need to be broken in, and walking the equivalent of a hundred racetracks through malls, campuses, and transit platforms was not the best way to do this. They've got one of those raised, rounded-point things on the back of the shoe, up the back of the ankle (this image does not translate well), and the backs of my ankles are all swollen. Gods, did my feet hurt when I got home. Swelling's going down, but this is why I prefer shoes you can barely tell you're wearing. I spent way too much time at my most active, during my formative years, engaged in activities that were performed either in slippers or barefoot, and my feet are... whatever is the opposite of spoiled. They don't like shoes. They don't like being exerted over extended periods *wearing* shoes. This proves problematic. Like now. Poor feet. :(

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Now. I will not *ask* anyone to hope for a work-prohibitive incident to befall a staff member of the New Westminster Public Library, but let's just say it would be really great for me if it did, so I'll just leave you to your own consciences. ;)

EDIT: Bought two books today which I did not technically need. Only feel a little guilty about one of them. The first was the second volume of the Chrestomanci Chronicles, which I got at the discount Black Bond to curry favour with the staff before I handed in my resume (it was four dollars, which might explain the slightly un-curried Look the manager gave me). The second was Smoke and Mirrors, which I've been meaning to get for a while and really bought because the Coles was busy and I didn't want to stand in the long line and hold up the counter just to ask if they were hiring. I have a good month's worth of Just-For-Me reading material, now, which will probably not get read for a while. Sigh. But! Books!

Goals for 2006: a bit late, but relevant.

1. Graduate. Whee! Finish applications to UBC.
2. Acquire, in order: a) shitty short-term job until end of Spring semester, b) shiny office job for summer, at least. Keep latter.
3. Move to Vancouver with dragonfly13 and calantha42. Reduce bills. Rejoice.
4. Submit new run of short stories to various magazines. Fear not the rejection slips. At least they'll have friends.
5. Finish CvsE. Finish CvsE. Finish CvsE.
6. Edit CvsE by the end of June.
7. Submit CvsE. To someone.
8. Write ten chapters of Peacemaker. Edit same.
9. Make up damned mind about next school year. No panicking.
10. Defuse panicking with laser tag, distracting activities at discretion of future roomies, etc. Continue to not panic.
11. Re-record recorded songs. Record new ones.
12. Blue Day project. Get. Off. Ass. Co-opt innocent civilians.

Had more. Forgot them.

In the Paxverse, 2006 opens with a plague in South Africa, the opening of the Union Transit System, another plague in India, and another plague in the southern United States. At the moment, we win.

Granville Island tomorrow. Maybe.

EDIT: Ye gods, will you SHUT UP, HARPER? Mandatory minimums. Wonder where you got that idea. And helloooo, NDP? Where are your commercials pointing out the crazy? And the human rights violation jonesing? And stuff? *sigh*