December 30th, 2005


Curse you, Pamela Anderson.

No, this time I really mean it. Spike is doing it again: V.I.P. from dawn 'til dusk for at least the past week, possibly longer. I am actually not exaggerrating. I am just traumatised. I want my Star Trek. Hell, I even miss MacGyver. Yes, I'm scared, too. Last year when they did this mik100 mentioned storming the studio with a Klingon invasion force, but this year, as last year, Klingons in the GVRD are scarce. :(

My Zen is fully-charged, full of lovely, illegal music, and now I will take it (as yet un-named) with me to the grocery store. Whee, soundtrack-of-life. ;)

And while I'm gone, will those of you (dianahobart and mik100, mainly) possibly coming for New Year's please sound off? Mostly votes on What We Shall Watch.

Good Samaritanism (and stupid little asshats)

Walking into the store listening to the Aussie Music Pusher collection on my Zen, and in a rather good mood, I almost had an aneurism in surprise and outrage as a teenage boy, walking just ahead of me, actually *tossed* a scrap of paper and a half-empty peanut butter cup wrapper over his shoulder, just missing my head, and turned slightly to watch it land on the sidewalk, then turn away and keep walking. I made a choked little "excuse me, what the fuck is wrong with you?" noise (it was more like "ahem", but something is lost in the translation, I guess, if you're a moron), which he ignored, though heard me, because he shot me a confused face. Then I picked up his garbage, muttering, and tossed it into the stuccoed pillar that passes for a garbage receptable outside the Safeway. He managed to look guilty for two tenths of a second, before walking away, but I forgot about it pretty quickly, because the happy music was playing, and I was buying groceries, and was pretty instantly distracted by no longer having any idea how to navigate the grocery store since the remodelling.

When I got up to the cashier, she was about to swipe my credit card, and a guy in a manager's tie comes dashing up, somber-faced. "Oh no," I think. "Do they think I'm shoplifting? Or possiby robbing the store?" But he just looked into my bag and said "Is this all you're getting?" I nodded, sort of confused (it was just milk, cheddar, and english muffins), and he gave me this big smile and told the cashier "ring it through under my card," and handed her a credit card. The girl voided out my purchase. Apparently the guy had seen me picking up the little asshat's trash outside. So, whee! Free cheese! I will enjoy this fully for at least one full hour before growing suspicious of kharmic retribution. ;)

daroos's package arrived, actually totally trashed. It looks like it's been opened in transit. The poor chocolates. I am unimpressed on their behalf. They seem to have escaped more or less unscathed, except for being all disorganized, so now eating the chocolates will involve a little more adventure than I would have chosen, but they will certainly be eaten. :)

And now I'm deliberating on whether I should even bother complaining to Canada Post, this time, because, amongst other reasons, it could have been somebody on the other side of the border, or even somebeody here, as the idiot postman just *left* the package outside my apartment door. It looks like somebody cut the tape on one side to get fingers in. I find this alarming. (Roos, you didn't send anything else in this package whose absence I should be reporting, did you?) o.O