December 28th, 2005


Still in Maple Ridge.

I think I'm beginning to scare the postman. I spent today leaping to my feet and dashing to the front door every time the dogs sounded the alert that someone was approaching the house. Flung the door open as the postman was reaching for the mailbox, tragically sans package. No Zen today, although according to package tracking it reached Richmond at 11:13 this morning. Grr. I have to, have to go home tomorrow. Away from the leftovers (I've eaten so much this week I may never eat again.) and the dog hair and the growing menagerie, especially the rabbit with a taste for human flesh. I have to go back to my apartment, tidy things up, put things away, clean things, and plan the potential New Year's whatever-we-decide, and spent at least a few hours trying to write at least one new original thing for my portfolio, and also sort out UBC application things. Argh, my head. If the Zen comes, everything will seem better. Shinier. Geekier, and that is good. (Er, what was I going to... right. dianahobart, when are you back from your dad's? Would you like your presents? Will you be coming to New Year's? Actually that's a general question. I'm thinking human vegetable marathon and food, that is, we sit around, eat, drink, be merry, and watch, possibly, DS9, or Firefly/Serenity, or something. Hm?)

Anyway. Bought Ladyhawke yesterday. I hate sales. Nobody has anything and nine thousand people want it. (Gods I am tired of Analucia. Mum and I agree on being curious the first time we got her backstory, but now we are merely bored. Ohmygods. You were a cop. And you got shot. I understand that a certain amount of angst is to be expected, but. Yeah. Please shut up now. I never thought I would prefer Kate. Booooooorrrred. Especially on repeat, now, for what: two months? I don't even remember. Was it so long ago that not airing something consistently for a year meant it was going to be cancelled? But, no, now the more popular something is, the more they know they can jerk you around.)

I want my Zen. :(