December 13th, 2005


A brief pause in the last cram-session:

The mini-talkshow excerpt-style campaign commercials being made by the Conservative party are now officially the most condescendingly offensive shite that I've suffered since hitting voting-age. How the hell can someone this fond of missing-the-point politics be the head of a political party?!

More Reasons I May Have to Flee the Country:
He says of the Liberal federal daycare initiative, which only pays for government daycare: "They're your children. Shouldn't you decide how to raise them?"

Um. Well. Actually, no. Not entirely. And if we're going to get really terribly capitalist about it, why the hell should the state pay for anything if they don't get a say in things? We don't have a republic, you stupid asshole. We have a constitutional monarchy. Which amongst other things means that everyone is expected to abide by a minimum of common behaviours and common principle. Like teaching kids to read and write in preschool years (as proposed by the federal daycare people), and, hey, social indoctrination like "don't hit strangers" and "don't be a racist bigoted asshat" and "don't eat paste." These are not scary invasive concepts. If they are, why the hell are any of these people supposedly complaining about a universal daycare initiative living in Canada? "Play well with others" is kind of a national identifier. Moron.


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