December 2nd, 2005



I slept through class.

Both of them, because the second one's at ten-thirty and it's only an hour long.

Damnit. How did I do that?

Seriously, was there some kind of freakish temporal shift this morning in which all alarms were silenced? Because I *set* my cell phone alarm to go off at six, like it's supposed to, and lo and behold, it is still set. I even remember waking up at five and resetting it like I usually do. It just... didn't go off.

Argh. Well, it's only English 205... o.O
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I really, really want to watch White Christmas, right now. Bing Crosby and Dick Van Dyke (EDIT: Actually Danny Kaye. *headdesk*) dancing and singing are among the only things that make snow in any way enjoyable.

Tragically, this is one of the movies I do not have on DVD.

I do, however, have banana bread.

The people next door have been drilling on the other side of the bathroom wall all morning. >.