November 29th, 2005


Oh, my gods.

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See that unholy white stuff? That's snow. In November. In New Westminster. Southern BC. This is strange and frightening. My mother phoned me, from Surrey, where she was sent this morning by her work to do some silly workshop thing, informing me that I may not actually have class today because of the Impassable Death Hill that Burnaby Mountain becomes whenever it snows more than an inch or the temperature drops below minus-ten.

This is, apparently, at least partly true. Although in Vancouverese Translink buses being "delayed" means "will leave you standing at Production for an hour like it was a Monday morning."

(Probably still have to go. Doing a card-signing thing for the mystery lit prof this afternoon, and silly me, I volunteered to make the card. *eyeroll* No sense of cosmic timing, me.)

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This is a terrible picture, mostly because I refused to open the door and go outside to get closer (COLD), but those red specks? Are my pot of chrysanthemums. In full bloom. Now, this was weird enough last week, when they decided it was late spring in the middle of November. But there they bloom, either unaware or uncaring of the icy death that covers the road below them.

Damnit, I'm going to have to go to school with wet hair. >.<

EDIT: The fact that every single Vancouverite on my Friends list is also freaking out makes me feel, perversely, a little bit better. ;)
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