November 24th, 2005


School and geek.

Handed in book review, learned take-home was much, much shorter than feared and discovered I actually had an idea what I was going to write about. Have tenuous plans with two of history classmates who listened with well-feigned interest and no obvious boredom as I rambled intently about how insanely big is the Paxverse. One of them expressed despair over the state of This, in my estimation, is a good, basic sign of wisdom. Anyway. May actually end up seeing them more than once outside of class. This would be nice.

Passed around the amusing flyer for the SFUSFFC in mystery lit class - got two names. Going to try next week in history. Offered to make a card for the mystery lit prof - we're doing a class gift. And a party, with brownies, like elementary school. Hee. What shall I make? Brownies have already been offered.

And seem to have lost prepositions somewhere on-campus.

I am unceasingly amused by these "only in Vegas" commercials. Come to Vegas, the commercials tell me, and you can have wild sex you're too ashamed to talk about/crazy shopping that impoverishes you/lose all your money with fun, fun gambling. I am amused because anyone who's ever watched CSI expects to be murdered by serial-killing costume designers or falsely-arrested and locked in a small dark room with enigmatic and talkative police detectives and paced around by lab techs. They should put that in the commercials. "Come to Vegas and become accidentally involved in bizarre and scarring criminal activities whose investigation will get you written about in crime journals." I think they'd get more response.

Happy Thanksgiving, or whatever, Americans. I will now go watch CSI, and, hmm. Eat.

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Nadja, when was that chocolate thing, again? And can we do it? Soon? *big wavery puppy-eyes*