November 22nd, 2005


More or less meaningless.

So, for my last semester as an undergraduate, I will have a Monday-Tuesday-Thursday schedule, nothing starting earlier than noon. I finally have a three-day week, and it's with only one class I can really call "real."

Yes, I have been to Harry Potter. I think I mentioned that. Only twice, though, once with my parents, so I need another repetition to be able to pick it to pieces as per usual.

I have also just about given up on NaNo 2005, as per usual. I am at the point in the semester where the last few projects are coming up before I expect them, and although I will not even approach them until the night before the due date, I will be angsting over my lack of studiousness in the time leading up to said date. Soonest, I have a six-page book-review--

(OMG I will never get over the creepy of Sean Maher playing a slimy topless-spring-break director. What is it with 'Merkins and Spring Break? I suppose we have it, but I don't think I've ever heard about Florida at the time. And ack ack ack, Necrophilia!Simon. Ow, my brain. They need to stop trying to parts of normal people, all of them. It just doesn't work. *spork, meet brain*)

--for Wednesday, for a 133-page book of which I've read approximately six pages. I fully expect to be skimming whilst typing very, very late on Tuesday night, right before not-sleeping and then arriving late for morning classes on Wednesday. Then one actual paper of eleven pages, and two take-home exams, and that is all. And one exam. Which is for 205, so, well, only sort of counts.

Dumbass, you need a JOB.

*considers crappy illustrations she has done for Light of the World* I cannot draw. Rather, I cannot draw the way I want these pictures to look. Like many important aspects of the Paxverse, I will one day have to hire people to do this for me. :(

Geeking it up on campus.

I don't remember if I mentioned this, or not, but dragonfly13, calantha42 and I are starting a school club. A *funded* school club, which means they give us use of core money and free equipment and otherwise enable our rather anti-social activities with less effort on our part than otherwise. It will be the Science Fiction & Fantasy Club, making it the SFUSFFC, a very long acronym but a much nicer group of folks, we hope, than the Anime Club/Altered Reality Club, who in two-thirds of the experience of we, the executive of the SFUSFFC, are kind of mean and not very interesting. (And since much anime falls under the auspices of sci-fi/fantasy, we will hereafter uphold an amusing and light-hearted-or-maybe-not-so-much-but-only-time-will-tell rivalry with the ARC. It will be entertaining. There will be t-shirts. Possibly.)

Anyway. At the moment we have me, dragonfly13, calantha42, and probably four other people who live in their building whose names I do not know. Today I will attempt to recruit the members of my mystery lit class, at least five of whom I know to be Trekkies, like the girl who used a Data action figure in her Sherlock Holmes presentation. Here's hoping the prof actually lets me pass around the very clever flyer (Goes sort of like: "Do you like to ramble endlessly about the politics of the United Federation of Planets? Have you actually made it through the Silmarillion? We've got the place for you!" and so on), because we need a minimum of ten people to be an official club and I have little faith in Clubs Week.

It is noon. BUGGER. Things to do before class.

EDIT: Whose brilliant idea was it, I wonder, to build the Enterprise D with the room most often full of booze and civilians on the forward-most part of the ship? *eyeroll*