November 10th, 2005


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Apparently they're doing yet another remake of Robocop.


Why? Isn't Robocop pretty distinctly nineties? I remember the series, even. I know that, in reaction to the last five-or-so years of Creativity Is Boring TV, the current trend is obsessive repetitive remakes of things that once were good (and originally, creative and having substance and other nice things), but Jesus Crossdressing Christ, aren't we moving a bit quick, here? Didn't the rotation of film-and-TV trends used to take longer? A decade, at least? Usually a couple of decades? At least long enough to qualify as a generational change? I mean, come on. I know the studios are desperate for stuff they can pass off as meaningful, but couldn't they... I don't know... make something new? Hell, hire me! Give me money, and me and my umbrella-company will make many, many new things! And at least the majority of them will not closely resemble things you just made eight years ago.

I think we need a new minimum-time-after-release before something can be remade, especially for the second time. (They're doing Pride and Prejudice. Again. With Keira Knightley. I liked her in Pirates, but now every new thing I see her in I hate her a little more. >.<) Like the film code, but in support of quality.

I am looking at you, Sony. No attempting anything faux-new until you at least get Mirrormask out in Canada less than a month after the U.S. release. We are Canada, not Eastern Siberia. Bastards.