November 9th, 2005


Things that are exciting and fun:

1. Over-the-counter drugs that cause your brain to bleed.

2. Waiting around for enrollment to start so the nervous breakdown you're having is at least somewhat justified.

I just realized that 387 (Kiddie Lit) and 399 (the super-easy books-adapted-to-film class with no papers) conflict. For an hour. On both days they're scheduled. BUGGER. Now a choice. A really interesting but really, really, really writing-intensive class about children's literature, or a fairly interesting but virtually research-free class that is all reading and discussion but gets me four credits, regardless? Last semester in January. Thoughts? o.O

Have to register for five classes, although only taking three. This is because: a) I think that if it comes down to it and both are open I will register for both 387 and 399, go to one class each, and pick between them that way and b) I won't hear back about creative writing 'til the 24th (not that I'm worried, but if the weird happens and I don't get in, I need a third class, still, to qualify for full-time) and c) I wanted an easy non-thinky class like Mythology in Context which rambles about what it sounds like it rambles about but doesn't hold much truck with academic research. No offense to humanities majors, for that or this: the Humanities department limits registration in all upper-division HUM classes until the four-week reg period is over. That's until December. The hell? Like anybody taking an upper-division Humanities class is going to wait that long. Like there's so much competition. (There might be. Nevertheless, it annoys me. Because that means that second-year HUM students, who haven't declared a major, are getting the same shot as third and fourth-years, who actually *need* the damn classes. Not that I do. But I'm lazy and I don't want my laziness to lead to boredom.)

Anyway. So I will register for the creative writing class, and the film class, and the kiddie lit class, *and* something else which I haven't figured out yet, and wait for humanities to open out, then panic and cry when the four weeks is up and I have neither CRWR *or* a mythology class to call my own.

See? And you thought I was kidding about the nervous breakdown, didn't you? :P

EDIT: Got 399 and HUM 327, which is Issues in the Study of the Future, which reads Nineteen Eighty-Four and O Brave New World and similarly doomsaying fiction and talks about how we thought we'd all have jetpacks by now. I'm confused that it let me enroll. The site told me they had a hold on the upper-division classes. *puzzled*

OMG Degrassi is on Showcase. At noon. Huh?

Anyway. Still might switch out 399 for the kiddie lit. If it doesn't fill up. And things. Now I can switch my freaking-out to the construction of my portfolio-thing. Thing. Er.
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Trek Trek Trek Trek (run away if you're so inclined) ;)

Wow. Today's insanely-frequent-weekday-rotation of Trek has failed me. Right now, we have TOS: The Dumb Girls who Stole Spock's Brain, and TNG: Poorly Disguised Anti-Homophobia Metaphor (or: Riker Likes a Hermaphrodite). Sigh. I get deeply annoyed with such eps, like the DS9 ep where Jadzia Does Not Sleep with her former host's former wife, because you can see Trek is going "Look look we push boundaries and no one can stop us!" but you can also see the network going "Okay, but this is where you stop."

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EDIT: proof positive that The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

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One can usually judge the relative emptiness of a given day by the number of pots of tea I make and actually consume (as opposed to making it, drinking half, going to school, coming back, pouring out the cold stuff, etc.) during that day.

I am now making my third pot of the day. Four-cup teapot, makes... my eighth cup, just now.


On the other hand, I just baked cookies. Five of them, because that's how much cookie dough I had left. But now the place is warmer and smells of cookies, which is always good. :)

No NaNo written today. Also haven't done the Annotated Bibliography that's due tomorrow afternoon. Should get on that second thing, at least. Would like to do both, though. Spent an hour and a half lying awake talking to myself, Monday night, about the differences, in Paxverse canon, between natural magic and mutant powers, the influence of Vothan DNA on the biological inclination towards both, the eventual collusion of all these factors plus pollution to create Recessives, etc. I shit you not. An hour an a half. Survey says this is either sad and obsessive or a sign of devotion to a highly-detailed and eventually geek-worthy universe.