November 6th, 2005


Hit 10k! Now allowed to sleep. (Probably won't.)

10,218 / 50,000

If you believe the NaNoWriMo advice I keep getting mailed, this is an exceptionally good count for the end of the first week. It means I don't get to start freaking out over being behind until the end of next week when I've only done a hundred words since now. Although the site tells me that if I do an hour three times a day, I'll be on-schedule.

'Cause I have a schedule. o.O

I am out of books to read. :(

Vegetable soup is somehow better in winter.

My apartment is completely full of the smell of glorious, glorious mushrooms, which are now simmering in soup on the stove and will be simmering for another hour, 'til mik100 gets here from work. I was in the grocery store, and mushrooms were on sale, and I had a sudden irresistable urge to buy lots of them and cut them up and cook them. I have perfected my mushroom soup recipe. I feel sort of bad, though not so terribly bad, buying veggies this late in the season - although I don't think they're quite out-of-season, yet. I think next summer I'm going to make vats of this soup and freeze it. That way I'm not buying out-of-season veggies and I still get soup.

Mmm, mushrooms.

Writing done today: zilch. Sigh.
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