October 27th, 2005


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Apparently, the White Sox won the World Series.

So, um, that means baseball seaon's over now, right?

For being a such a sci-fi geek, I have no interest whatsoever in baseball. I just want my channel 28 shows back. >.

*is enjoying this, far too much* (The Little Life and the Great River, mid-story, someplace.)

Mid-sentence with the doc, Riona meets his eyes, briefly. The look she sends Mal isn't just surprised, it's sneaky, and thoughtful, which means, or used to mean: "We'll talk later," and that it's important, somehow.

It worries Mal, more than a little, because in the old days, that look tended to end up in somebody getting arrested, or naked, or shot, or all three, or somebody, as in one memorable instance, hip-deep in live eels.

Mal doesn't like to think about it.