October 5th, 2005


Not going to Victoria...

...as Mum still sick, as Mum mild idiot, apparently. And nobody told me until now, so still have to go to class, but got up too late, didn't do the reading, don't have a found object (&^$R&$&^), and got too little sleep to stay properly awake all day.


Excuse me, must now dunk face in cold water.

EDIT, 9:37 AM: JESUS CROSSDRESSING CHRIST when is Translink going to do something about the morning rush? Every morning commute I've done for the past three weeks I've gotten to Production Station in plenty of time, only to encounter a line three hundred people long. And no, I'm actually not exaggerrating. I know I'm not the only one noticing it, because they've been putting pieces on their website, and articles have been showing up in those bloody commuter papers and even the campus paper, but nothing is happening. Didn't they just put together a new fleet of 45 buses? Don't they have a good dozen of those new test-fuel vehicles? Can't they send us a couple extra in the mornings? Something? Anything? I refuse to leave at 6:30 to get to school for 8:30. That's just wrong. Also pointless as my brain doesn't work that early. I got to class halfway through and had to sit on the floor. Grargh.


Yeah, so, still in town. mik100, can we do LOST at my house tonight, instead of yours? I am having brain issues. o.O

...you won't see this, will you. I will phone you.

SLIGHTLY MORE CHEERFUL EDIT: This morning it is chilly, dreary, damp and grey. It is Fall in Vancouver and I missed it so much. ^.^

I don't... *think* this is a spoiler...

From The Internet:

"The swan occasionally serves as a representative or form of gods; in Greek, Egyptian, and many other cultures the Swan represents purity, light, harmony, and balance. The swan and the goose are interchangeable in the mythology of many cultures, and in Greek mythology the god Zeus transformed himself into a swan to visit Leda, who transformed herself into a goose to escape him. In many interpretations the two are placed in polar opposition and communion with one another, making the swan an androgynous, hermaphrodytic symbol, containing both night and day, darkness and light.

...Swan symbolism opens still further perspectives in so far as a swan either laid or brooded the World egg. This was the role of the 'Nile goose' in Ancient Egypt.' and again, that of the hamsa which incubated the Brahmanda on the primeval waters in Indian tradition; and lastly, there was the egg produced by Leda and Zeus, from which emerged the Dioscuri, each capped by half the egg and figures of its differentiation. Nor is it irrelevant to add that until comparatively recently there was the widespread belief that babies were born of earth and water and brought by the swans."

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I am thinking *way* too much about this. ;)

EDIT OF EDIT: Okay, so the Jack FM commercials are now at the creepy, nerve-grating place beyond annoying and please won't somebody make them stop. >.