October 4th, 2005


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I have one fruitfly in my apartment. Just one. I have been calling him You Little Bastard but I think his name might be something else, and that perhaps he wants to be addressed by his proper name before he'll let me catch him. Thing is, by this point I can't just squish him. We have come to hate and respect one another. He has become A Foe. And being a fruitfly, we can't exactly face down in even mortal combat. So really the Great Showdown will amount to me slapping a water glass over him and tossing him outside. But still. *glares*

So, um, I've had this idea for a while. It's probably a very bad idea. And someone else has likely already done it. But, okay. I am a Trekkie. Born and raised, like I was born and raised a Ring-geek. But it occurs to me, whenever I watch Trek on TV, that occasionally Federation History Infodump happens without warning. A *lot* of it happens on Classic Trek. And I was wondering whether anybody had done anything like a detailed, interactive Star Trek timeline online. 'Cause somebody should. My idea involved picking up the DVDs, one by one, from Classic Trek onward, and sitting through each episode with a notebook, then putting everything together in a website. I know there's a Star Trek Encyclopedia, but it's not arranged chronologically at all. It could also have character profiles. It would also, I keep thinking, be good practice for my enormous Paxverse encylopedia/timeline/database/thingy. However, if somebody's already done it...

...have homework to finish before class. Should really, really do that. o.O

Inner Soundtrack (and stuff)

I think I mentioned a few years ago that I like having music playing when I'm out, walking around, walking somewhere. I probably got this from watching so much TV all my life - MTV generation and all that. In any case I and the advent of portable music players have been around about the same number of years, but even if I don't actually *have* any music on me, it finds a way to play in my head, anyway. I am very much a writer, so when by myself, in my head I am part of a story, and a good half of the time when I write, I write whilst imagining the scene like it's happening on a screen, in front of me. There are specific times when I make a point to have certain music; when I'm on the Skytrain coming out of the Columbia tunnel I like to have Cibbo Matto's Sugar Water in my ears or, more recently, Ivy's Edge of the Ocean. When I'm in a plane, during takeoff I usually play Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry or... I can't remember the other one. Once I compiled them all on one CD so I could have them in order during the flight. I am sort of a geek that way.

I can't be the only person who does this. But it makes a lot of sense, in a very weird way, I'm sure, that if this is a story, it needs background music. And usually when I write, I play music that fits the scene. I pity the few people actually reading CvsE because as I write *that*, I also jot down what I was listening to when I wrote it - y'know, just in case they want to listen, too.

Encouraging readers to get into the writer's head is probably a bad idea, as well as mean. ;)

Coming out of Columbia this particular evening, I actually noticed the posters. Subways all over the world have these - the giant posters on the wall facing the platform, because frankly you've got little else to look at while waiting for the train. And Columbia's not exactly a subway station - the Skytrain's not exactly, at least not all the time, a subway - but it has the giant posters. They're part of the city background so mostly I don't notice them. Today, as I got onto the train, I did, because there was an Big Damn Poster advertising Serenity (current viewing count: 3). Word to the wise: do not stand one foot away from the creepy-River picture on the North American Serenity poster. It is a Bad Experience in many ways. Especially as I didn't notice what it was until the Crazy Person Eyes broke through my visual background noise and I finally figured out it was River, not some random creepy serial killer supermodel.

That was an interesting sentence. o.O

We started moving, after that, past an Interactive Male ad (my brain took an aside, here, to be amused and delighted by the GVRD) and then a gigantic ad poster for Metrotown Centre, which is, for those of you that don't know, which is most of you, a mall. A mall with office buildings. A mall that occupies something like three square blocks. A big, big mall so big they call themselves Shopping City, and actually aren't exaggerating except for the lack of houses which would make them slightly more creepy in a philisophical way but more efficient and one step closer to that episode of Sliders where nobody could ever leave the mall.

Anyway. Back to the creepiness. Their latest ad campaign features mannequins. White, featureless, more-or-less androgynous naked mannequins, mostly carrying shopping bags, pictured in places throughout the mall, with the slogan "Everybody's coming to Shopping City. As if the pretty, pretty draw of the consumerist temple is so very strong that even the animately disabled are drawn by its shininess.

My brain, in personal movie mode, does a flashback, to this one time I and a few IRL friends were at Metrotown, I believe to see a movie. It might have been Hitchhikers'. We were, as I recall, in the food court, and passed a table which, as I noticed at the last second, was occupied by a couple of mannequins.

No, read that sentence back. Mannequins. Surrounded by pretend purchases, which were glued/bolted/somethinged to the floor. Like they'd just been shopping, and had stopped for lunch. I, of course, stopped dead to stare in horror. My friends also stopped. The following exchange went something like this:

Friend 1: Huh. Mannequins.
Friend 2: Must be part of their new ad campaign.

I learned later that the mall management had set up these little arrangements in places all over the mall. Mannequins drinking coffee at Starbucks, mannequins sitting at their ease in the squishy armchairs scattered in clusters about the mall.

Yes, my life is fascinating. Adventure, intrigue, and KILLER MANNEQUINS.

EDIT: I apparently forgot to eat yesterday.