September 20th, 2005


Gee. I am totally shocked.

Political Meme (this one had holes; it had questions starting with phrases like "practical considerations aside," which is silly):

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The Test seemed unamused by my notions of earned citizenship. ;)
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I have Neil Gaiman Tickets!

And..., that was really it. ;)

Apparently Mum's anniversary dinner thing at Government House is on the evening of the 5th, so we'll be going straight from the ferry to the signing.

If we get lost this time, someone's gonna die.

*is very excited*

*has lots and lots and lots to read*


(Hahahahah! Rory being traded for cigarettes. So FUNNY AND IRONIC. *is cruel but doesn't care*)

EDIT: Right; whoever wants tickets for Serenity (ten days left!) should speak up now. I'll be posting again once I figure out whether anybody's doing a midnight showing, though it doesn't look like they are. Talk, folks.