September 19th, 2005


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People keep telling me that it would be nigh-on impossible to actually stamp out the brain-congealing waste known as talk shows (ie: Maury Povich, etc.). I hereby propose, as alternative, the development of a device that would scan the immediate vicinity of a talkshow, determine the highest concentration of stupidity, and then execute a program by which the strutting onto stage of any size 16 person in a size 4 crop top, grinning widely, waving both middle fingers and screeching "you don't know me" would result in the immediate popping of the guilty party's skull. The use of "y'all" in place of "you" might double the explosive charge, showering the audience with Unbrain jelly.

They want reality TV?

THAT is reality TV.

Ignore this. (No, really.)

I am typing from the couch and I can also type from the kitchen table and my bed more than TEN FEET AWAY OMG this is SO COOL I AM SUCH A BIG NERD bwahah.

I can also check LJ from the couch. And use the mouse. (I figured out how to place the transmitter so it goes *way* further than it did at first. (None of this is likely good for my health. ;)) My apartment is apparently bigger than this thing's intended maximum range. (Hee.)

This will probably get really old really fast. However, I anticipate last-minute papers being LOTS less painful.

I have the keyboard on my lap, and I keep reaching for the post mouse in the middle of the keyboard (which isn't there) like on a laptop, Because it's on my lap, obviously.

I am now typing while walking backward very slowly.


Nope, not tired of it yet. ^.^