August 16th, 2005


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They're pre-empting House... for the Teen Choice Awards. Have I mentioned previously how much I fucking *hate* the Teen Choice Awards? And although I am generally willing to acknowledge that perhaps we must co-exist (at least so long as there is a Teen Culture), when we cancel my snarky elitist medical drama so that they can hand out gigantic novelty surfboards to thirty-five-year-olds playing twelfth-graders and reward Jennifer Love Hewitt for starring in yet another short-lived fad series and demonstrate the sucking void of desolation that *is* Teen Culture, I am going to be somewhat less forgiving. Bastards. >.<

Okay, so although currently experiencing annoyance with the bad-episode-planning stretching-fifteen-minutes-over-five-eps that turned me off Dragonball Z, am now OMGinextricablybound to Naruto. I will get you for this, JB and Tange. Probably by writing even more fic I oughtn't be writing. Damn you, summer reading list! Was getting twitchy over the stretchiness, as well as having to dash across the room to the computer to change eps every twenty minutes, however: Sasuke goes all red-eye and saves Naruto and then dies, and *WEEP*. THIS. SHOW.

Back to Naruto, now, until television can manage to Not Suck again in an hour or so.

If you go out to the woods today...

...there almost certainly won't be any bears because the smart ones are dead asleep in their caves where it's COOL, damnit.

Actually it's raining right now, has been for two hours. Might even cool down tomorrow. Every time I'm about to trust the Weather Network site...

...anyway, we're having a picnic. The original plan was for Wednesday, but mik100 wants to... I don't know... sleep, or something, tomorrow (sleep is not Of The Strong :P), so instead we're thinking Thursday. So far we've got me, mik100, and dianahobart. Anybody else? You'd have to bring food. And we don't know exactly where it is, yet, because a certain someone *significant looks* desires us to picnic in a park that may or may not exist (What is that? If it's a shop it's a Starshop. A Starpark? That actually sounds rather cool.). Anyway, as a result I have to to and ascertain whether the park still exists, whether it ever existed, or whether it has dropped through a tear in the space-time continuum, rendering it an unsuitable picnic spot. (captainspiffy? Care to join me on a possibly futile quest that could send us hurtling through time and space? ;) But one way or t'other, there will be picnic. Hopefully. If people show up this time. Would be nice.

Again, food. Should come with you. I'll probably make... er... devilled eggs or... something similar, as I've got eggs, and that doesn't require me to buy anything new. If I can work out how to make Cheese Goo portable, that may also be on the menu. Posting what you're bringing, if you're coming, might be helpful, so we don't have nine bags of chips and nothing to drink, and such.

And, while I'm still awake enough to enjoy, may I say: Rain, blessed RAIN. *basks*