July 17th, 2005



So, I finished it.


I'll... need some time.

Like, to finish three papers, re-skim nine novels, pull two thousand dollars magically out of the air somehow before they, say, cut off my internet, and read it again.

And before you IRL folk say anything, FIREFLY DAY IS STILL ON. If I can write three papers in two days, you people can make it.

(Sorry. A bit out of sorts right at the moment.)

EDIT: Nadja/Susan/anybody else who brought a camera last night, may I have *all* your pictures? If you're coming to All The Cool Kids Are Doing It And The First Time's Free Firefly Day, you could bring them burned to CD, I would be eternally grateful.

YOU THOUGHT I WAS KIDDING EDIT: I really am going to read it again. And take notes this time. These books have finally reached the Terminal Mass of Confusing Detail allowed by my brain without artificial help. So, notes.


Desperately in need of sleep, now, as unholy weight of late assignments threatening to crush head into pulpy mess. Cheers.

LAST EDIT BECAUSE I'M THIS CLOSE TO COMA: lisew, I HATE YOU I HATE YOU I HATE YOU. *scrubs out brain with bleach*