May 31st, 2005


My family is insane.

This is, of course, not news.

Oh! mik100! I have a whole box of that awful tea you like. Well, it's actually in a bag, now, because the box wouldn't fit in my bookbag. But I have it. For some reason my parents had it as the Emergency Tea Supply and replaced it, so they no longer want it fraternising with the good tea. It's all yours.

Need to go shopping for various things tomorrow, and need to clean, and need to catch up on my reading, as in one course I am three weeks behind. Somehow. Or units. I don't know. Um. o.O

I'm supposed to mention that my sister is judging some National gymnastics competition going on for the next two days at UBC (the War Memorial Gym, I believe), and that if anyone is wandering past, they're to show up and cheer for kids from Quantum, 'cause those are her students and they're having less than fantastic luck, thus far. One of them broke his foot today, or something. (My sister walked up to me this afternoon and asked how to get there. I said: "Where is it?" She said: "UBC." I just sort of stared at her. Apparently she was not aware that the UBC campus is 144 hectares big - which for the record is bigger than I can actually picture, both because it's a staggeringly large amount of space and because I don't know how much a hectare actually comprises. I think my parents' house is on a 1/2 acre lot, but that's a whole other unit of measurement in a whole different system, so not very useful. Anyway, yeah. I told Mum that later and she just said: "Drive West." So apparently it wasn't just me that thought it was a silly question.)

There is a small stack of pennies on my desk, very neatly stacked, but a very small stack, and I cannot for the life of me imagine why I put them there. If I put them there. I suppose I must have put them there. But there are seven pennies. Is there some significance to this? Or do I have kobolds? No, kobolds steal things. Something. Brownies? No, they clean, don't they.

Definitely not brownies.

(Note to self: take out recycling tomorrow. Also, label bins.)

I've actually got a whole list of Notes to Self in my planner right now. I must remember that the list is there tomorrow else nothing will get done.

There was something else I was going to post here, either to remind myself or to tell somebody else something, but I've forgotten what it was. Bugger.
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