May 19th, 2005


"It's like the Jerry Springer show all over again..."

"...but with light sabers, which makes it even more weird."

That would be what the man said as he introduced the movie last night. Disturbingly accurate, actually. I love premieres. People in costume, sitting in line, walking around in public dressed as Jedi (Speaking of which, we totally forgot to take pictures. I will force everyone back into costume soon and *take* pictures, though, because damned if I stayed up three days making costumes with no visual record of the event. And the hair. I did the hair. And it looked awesome, I must say. dragonfly13's was so securely braided and tied - no pins! - that she could have easily battled the Dark Side and her hair would have stayed. The costume might have fallen apart, but her hair would have stayed PUT.) and scaring the normals, those things are always fun. I went with mik100, dragonfly13 and my littlestsis lilymc. All those crazy geeks gathered in one space. Although I'd have to say that the two hours after they let us into the theatre, nerding it up with the other nerds, fending off the three beach balls someone brought, which were being batted around the theatre, and lounging about in costume, and watching light saber duels some helpful fans staged for us at the front of the theatre, may have been a more rewarding experience than the actual movie.

I should say that I am not a big huge, die-hard, I KEEL YOU FOR TRASH-TALKING HAN SOLO Star Wars fan. I am a casual geeky fan, which distinguishes me from casual non-geeky fans in that I am already a geek, and already part of fandom, and so I recognize the significance of the Star Wars fandom, the influence of the movies, and the deeply terrifying love serious fans have for this fandom. In sci-fi Star Wars is a Big Name Fandom, like LoTR and Trek, though in my opinion ever-so-slightly (okay, a whole lot) less subtle, intricate, self-faithful, well-designed, etc. But it is Star Wars, and although I was raised Trekkie, a different sect often at odds with the Church of Star Wars Nerd, I nevertheless respect the privilege of psychotic fans to be psychotically fanatic in the manner which they choose. I can no more judge their lifestyle choices than they can judge mine. Although Star Trek is better and excepting Enterprise and most of Voyager has remained better despite its creator being DEAD. *coughcough*

Anyway, if you've read reviews, you've probably read something like these:

"In the Star Wars Saga, there are pockets of brilliance, surrounded by the yawning emptiness of space --Jami Bernard, New York Daily News

Drink the kool-aid. Wear blinders. Cover your ears. Because that's the only way you can completely enjoy The Revenge of the Sith." -- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone

"The general opinion of Revenge of the Sith seems to be that it marks a distinct improvement on the last two episodes, the Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. True, but only in the same way that dying from natural causes is preferable to crucifixion." -- Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

...tragically I must more or less agree. I mean. Just. Well. I'll give you my thoughts.

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NO FEDERAL ELECTION! HURRAH! I am somewhat, slightly, if not incredibly reassured as to the integrity of our parliamentary system. At least for the moment.


Still not sure what I think about the Stronach thing. I saw that on CBC while I was watching the provincial election the other night, blinked, and went to tell Mum, who works for the provincial level of the Ministry of which they put her in charge. I mostly went to tell her that our riding had won NDP (we were just calling it "we won", because that made us feel better). She was half-asleep, said, "yay," and when I told her about the "defection," she sort of blinked and went "oh." Then woke up a little and went "ooooh."

I still think she's a bit nuts. And I have serious difficulty taking her seriously. (Like, why did everyone but CBC spend slightly more time talking about the terrible feelings of betrayal being experienced by her boyfriend than her defection? Swear to god, I was under the impression that we avoided discussion of our leaders' sexual relationships like the plague. Like we were *above that*. Remember? I remember. Admittedly most of them don't look like itty blond Belinda, and are not individuals one prefers to imagine in such situations. I find the whole discussion distasteful. I think most people do.) But if she keeps that homophobic wackjob out of power, I'll send her a fruit basket and SMILE, smile smile.
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