May 4th, 2005


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I found Kaylee boots! And they were reasonably cheap. Zellers, kids' section. Whee. ^.^ Now just the flight suit.

I also bought frying pans, because I've only got the one, and it's cast-iron, and I wanted crepes and you can't really use cast-iron for that. They were ridiculously cheap. Unfortunately, they really *were* cheap, because although the sign claimed they were non-stick, they really weren't. Result: unqualified disaster and big pile of half-burnt, half-raw crepe-rags. So. No crepes. And I'm taking them back tomorrow. After negotiating loans, and showing up in chat for class. I think. Maybe. Um. I should really check the syllabus, I guess.

And I wanted crepes. Damnit. >.<

Not talking about LOST, either. Nope. *eyedart*

Oh! IRL folk? What's are your schedules like for the next couple of weeks? I want to arrange the Firefly marathon. Also: Star Wars. Thursday after next. Are we doing something? Dressing up? Standing in line staging light saber duels? What? *looks around*

EDIT: dianahobart and yshynseth are camping. Right. Fine. Will... um... leave a phone message and hope you check it. Going camping. Feh. Now I'm jealous. I actually can't remember the last time I went camping. I think it was high school. *frown* We should have a big group camping trip. That's what we should do. *stern look at self* Get a job first. Then fun. Mostly. Um.

By the way? My new headphones? Are superior. Fantastic. No shallow tinny sound and ear-grabby and they have retractable, fabric-insulated wires. The one between them, and the connecting-wire. They are so cool. *geeks out*

And the great LJ Stream (I actually can't remember where I saw it. Metaquotes, I think. Ah, the Internets.) tells me Staples has narrow-rule notebooks, or something. *drools* I need to go to Staples. Shouldn't. Want to. Shouldn't. *beats stationery-whore self into submission, albeit temporarily* Wait for money. Then indulge self-destructive addictions to pretty, pretty stationery narrow-rule-acid-free-paper-pens-archival-gel-ink-ooohh... *blithers off into incoherence*
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