April 14th, 2005


*stares blankly in shock*

It's almost over. No more all-nighters this semester. Because I'm done! My last paper! And written assignment. Now: just one more exam, which is a 200-level English (*pshaw*), and to revise and re-submit my final draft for my 425 paper. It's almost over! Bwahahahah!

Okay. Shower, bed. Then tomorrow morning is the last time I ever, ever, ever have to experience the insufferable History class. Have to sit through the intensely degrading workshop experience, but I will steel myself. I don't think I'm first or last, so hopefully the glaring mediocrity of my paper will not stand out in anyone's minds...

...*steels self* Just three hours. I can make it.

...I have no chocolate. I will really need to remedy that before class tomorrow...
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