April 1st, 2005


With books, even.

I have no idea why my writing process inevitably follows this path:

One month preceding paper:
Me: *does preliminary research* This time I will *not* leave it 'til the last minute! Really!
Brain: *cheerfully agrees*
Me: *photocopies three billion pages, checks out appropriate books, goes home satisfied at having started*
Me: *does not think about it for two weeks*

Two weeks preceding paper:
Me: Need a topic. Need an outline. Need a structure.
Brain: *spews out delightful and incoherent yet extremely enthusiastic nonsense*
Me: *procrastinates*

Two days preceding paper:
Me: Ack! Down to hours! Give me something, damnit!
Brain: *helpfully offers scenes from Buffy fic and Incredibles crossovers*
Me: *headdesk*
Me: *watches Firefly*

Halfway through paper, night before:
Me: *typetypetype* This sucks. *redoes all research*
Brain: *suddenly perks up from encouraging out-loud dialogue-scripting for the giant crossover fic from Hell* Hey! That looks good! Hey! A theme!
Me: A topic! I have a topic!
Me: *writes in LJ insteaad*

EDIT: BTW, Wilde totally beat me to Unpinions. *is unsure of how to take this*

Also, these people on Conan are in desperate need of a pitchpipe. I'd help them out, but I totally wasn't paying attention when he introduced them.
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I'm now down to the part of composition where I've got the major parts done, and am left with big holes that need to be filled, rather than just disappeared, because they're necessary, and I knwo what goes there, but by now it's just irritating, and time-consuming, rather than inconceivable like as you're trying to start a paper. Does anybody just sit down and write? I can't do it with papers.

I would like to take this moment to publicly demand that the next ridiculously overpriced edition of Word include, in some form, an automatic reference/footnote/bibliography utility of some kind. Such things exist on college library websites, but are only marginally useful and consistently buggy as hell. It couldn't be that hard for the guys at Microsoft to slap it together, input the criteria for MLA, Turabian, APA and whatever else anyone else is still using. It would make me much more inclined to use Word without bitching, and I haven't ever owned my own copy. That would encourage me to buy a copy. (At student price. I'm not a Trump. Or stupid. :P)

I need better section headings. I probably can't leave the introduction as "THE TRIAL AND WHAT BORING PEOPLE THOUGHT OF HIM" and "HOW JAIL HELPED", and if I'm using section headings I definitely need something better for the conclusion than "CONCLUSION". Unless I cut them out altogether. Still, I rather like that first one. I'm sure Oscar would approve. ;)

EDIT: Yes, as a matter of fact I *do* know what time it is. I have to hand this in between noon and one-thirty. I don't think I'm sleeping now.

EDIT OF JOY: FINISHED! Now to hand in the essay... during which I will take back the 329 books, take out the 207 books, and then I'll only have... three more papers to write, and about sixty library books in my posession. *wonders about the cutoff point*

Ouch. My brain hurts. And I get to write another one on Saturday! Hurray! *waves tiny flag* Actually, it's the Trilogy one, which is the only one I was looking forward to. I've got today to veg out and recover.

I swear to the gods that was not a Terri Schiavo reference. Hear the Pope's dying, though. Is it bad that I can no longer think of the Pope without flashing on Dan Brown conspiracies and the Avignon Papacy in context with tentacle porn?

Yeah. School. Brainwarp. Big, big weird geek. ^.^

ADDITIONAL EDIT, AS THE SUN IS NOW UP: Happy Anniversary to my parents! Who got married on April Fool's, yes. In our back yard, in 1988 (I think). Every year we expect them to tell us it was all a joke; we're not really theirs. And my dad wore jeans and a sweatshirt. Yup. ^.^
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