March 21st, 2005


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A month-long random absence, and now my idiot muse is suggesting Incredibles fic.

Dear Tris: This is NOT THE TIME.

Love, Me.

PS: But it's so complicated and plotty and there's angst. About the superheroes that maybe adapted worse than the Parrs after the ban, I'm thinking high suicide rates and hey, what about the supervillains? They had no reason to follow this ban thing. What were they doing in the fifteen-year period where superheroes weren't *allowed* to fight them? And while we're at it, what might supervillains do knowing that their arch-nemeses were defenseless and that they could find them, their secret identities, and their families by doing a little simple hacking into government files? Were there a lot of mysterious mass-homicides during the first several years? How many of the vanished superheroes were murdered by someone other than Syndrome? And what was the superhero community doing about it? Were they doing anything? Were they allowed? Did the government warn against it? Would they think that intervening would put *them* in danger? What about *that* moral dilemma? And what about those superheroes whose identities the government never got? What if they decided that they were going to be heroes, one way or t'other, and how did the feds treat them if/when they were caught?

Okay. I need to stop now. *glares at the purple person snickering in the corner*
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