January 20th, 2005


*twiddles thumbs*

So, this morning's tutorial didn't happen, because we sat there twenty minutes and the prof didn't show up.

So I went to the library, because I needed to photocopy the reserve readings, but they're out. They're due back in twenty minutes or so, and I am currently stalking (in a subtle, sitting-on-my-ass-in-full-view-of-the-circulation-desk sort of way) the Reserves area, because I only need to get *one* article and I'm damned if the trip out here this morning is going to be completely wasted.

Anyway, I've now eighteen minutes before the thing's officially late back and the librarians can hunt the guy down with dart guns. And then I have to do a billion useful things I couldn't do last week when I had no money, like pay my bills and buy food, and stuff. ;)

And I *will* be up-to-date in my readings by Monday. I will. *firm face*

All... hundred sixty-nine pages of it. Ye gods. It's the third week, damnit. >.<

EDIT: Second week! It's only the second week!
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Worms news:

Tickets have been purchased! :D

February 17th, 8pm, ACT theatre, Maple Ridge. I couldn't get five more seats that close but the other five are together, $19 apiece. *is now very excited*
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So, I went to Ikea to buy a basket and a potato peeler. I came home with a basket, a potato peeler, eight hangers and two new plants (Viola and Spot, if anyone's curious - a Grape Ivy and a Gold Dust Croton), which brings me to a total of nine indoor plants (Dude, Ernest, Vert, Ivy, Wilty, Crunch, Phoebe, and now Viola and Spot) and eleven outdoor plants (who are wild - ish - and don't have names), if you count the boxes as one plant each.

Okay. I really desperately need to take out the recycling. o.O

(And tomorrow I really want to try that Chantico stuff...)
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