January 10th, 2005



...I've decided to be Kaylee for Hallowe'en. Pretty simple. Put my hair up in buns, and I've got a Chinese-style jacket already; just need to find the flight suit/coverall and the combat boots. Don't really have the pretty floral shirt, either.

Yes, this is a bit early, but I like to plan ahead. Big important day, is Hallowe'en, y'know. ;)

It has also been pointed out to me that no one is going to recognise the costume. To which I reply: philistines! :P

EDIT: Oh, right. First day of classes was all right. Was home by noon. Was going to pick up the bare minimum of books to read by Wednesday, because apparently we're already starting then, but I got into the Maggie Benston building and the line was all the way around the spiral staircase and all the way up the first flight of stairs. I sort of stared at it for a minute, went "hell with this" and came home. I can *probably* find them elsewhere. I hope.

I guess it's good the line was stupid. I didn't really want to put it on my Visa, and my stupid loan forms still haven't arrived. I am deeply unimpressed.

Oh. Other thing: came home, had tea, had lunch, then immediately lapsed into unconsciousness for two hours. Why?

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But then I got up at six this morning, so I was understandably a bit tired. Managed to stay awake through classes, if only barely, which I consider an accomplishment, especially considering I was shivering through the first class and completely overheated through the second. Both so far look interesting, though, and I wish I had gotten my books, but the line was scary and I was tired. So.

Anyway. Where the hell is Judging Amy, and why is Twice in a Stupid Lifetime on instead?

Go away. I like my snarky girly shows. :P
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