December 10th, 2004


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I really need to progress from psycho-obsessive family trees to maps, again. Because I just wrote in the common kitchen at Crystallis and suddenly got an image of teenagers doing their homework there whilst sneaking a midnight snack, social studies and math textbooks spread across the table, and a cupcake winging its way across the room from the counter by dint of a chocolate craving and some delinquently-applied telekinesis, which image opened up a whole new range of character POVs...

...should be writing my 316 final. Yes.

And ohmygods I have invented the yummiest peach sauce ever. It goes on waffles and it has peaches and brown sugar and I just added orange juice and now it's even *better*, though lemon juice would have been better if I'd had any.

It's very, very good. Yes. *sprints for waffles*

EDIT: May I just emphasize the OMGsogood?
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So... Hook? With Robin Williams? Which is the second-best Peter Pan movie ever, the best being this one. (The Disney one doesn't really even make the running because I haven't seen Finding Neverland yet and it might compete for second place, and anyway the Disney one cuts out all the controversial, upsetting stuff that makes it a really good fairy tale.)

But the last scene? Where Moira's sitting in the nursery, asleep in the rocking chair, and the kids come in through the window... and a breeze blows a very poetic leaf onto her shoulder, which wakes her up... and the leaf looks extremely, obviously, fake. Like, when she holds it up you can see the weave pattern, because the light is shining through it. And it comes close to ruining the scene for me, because I can only think: "you spent millions of dollars on this movie, and for all that you couldn't hire a guy to collect some real, honest-to-god maple leaves and stand on the edge of the set and blow them inside?" I mean, it goes away, but still.

And... Earthsea. They're making it into a miniseries. Everybody knows this. And I've been getting all cautiously excited, 'cause I liked those books, and hey, Shawn Ashmore, yay! Even if he didn't exactly fit my mental image for Ged.

But why did no one tell me that they CAST KRISTEN KREUK AS TENAR? WHY DIDN'T YOU PEOPLE TELL ME THIS? I would have sternly reminded myself to IGNORE IT. >.
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