December 6th, 2004


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There is snow up here. Not severe snow, but serious snow. Yes, this is a distinction. It is in southwest BC, anyway. The point is that it is gross. I am comforted only by the fact that the class I have in half an hour is my last one of the semester, hurrah! *does a tired little dance* I would be more enthusiastic about it if my head didn't hurt so much. Also I am sniffly and a little bit dizzy, still.

My sisters were all excited about the snow when it started yesterday, until I pointed out to them that if it snows for more than a few days, we'll have used up our snow quota 'til February. Then they hit me with pillows and ran away. Brats. :P

I am going to fall asleep in class. It is inevitable. Also unimportant, fortunately, so long as I wake up in time for the exam outline, which gods willing *is* a take-home. I'm still hoping I didn't imagine or dream that he told us it would be. If it is, I might actually do better than just pass this class. Apparently I do papers in archaeology better than tests. And this is a sign for me to never, ever take archaeology again. After this semester, I only need five more classes. Then I have to plan some more.

I am very sleepy. *yawn*
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So I really need a family tree building program that A: lets me index by associated important event and birthplace and accomplishment/contribution (also powers would be nice), and B: does not have a hissy fit when I tell it that Person A was not romantically-attached to Person B, but they did have a child together, and Person A and Person C *are* romantically-attached, and are Child A's legal parents, even though Person A and Person C are BOTH WOMEN. Because I'm trying for organization here so my brain doesn't twist itself out of existence trying to keep track of people and their parents and spouses and birthdates and crap, and Arrah's granddaughter *is* a lesbian, and they have a daughter and the kid's biological father is the mothers' best friend in the world, and they live together in happiness and political correctness eighty years in the future because THE UNIVERSE IS A LOVING AND BEAUTIFUL PLACE, DAMNIT.

I'm not sure how to do this. I suspect it involves the use of programming code beyond my comprehension. *pouts*

(Yes, I can get around it, by, say, selecting "Sex Unknown" in the Vital Statistics window, but I'm trying to keep accurate records, here, and anyway there's an even chance that if I look later I really might not be able to remember the sex. Also stubborn software makes my brain hurt, and then I yell, and this is supposed to be a FUN AND CREATIVE EXERCISE. >.< Observe:

Me: *obsessively building family trees of fictional people*
*imports gedcom file*
*opens window for Reikenya Kurk*
PROGRAM: Mother-Naomi Hidoko Father-Bastion Kurk
Me: Yay! *adds non-romantic spouse who happens to have caused daughter*
PROGRAM: Link individuals?
Me: Yes.
PROGRAM: Marriage - Husband-Ian Pearson Wife-Reikenya Kurk Status-Unmarried
Me: Um... okay. *adds daughter*
PROGRAM: Daughter-Lily Bico *tries to change her name to Pearson*
Me: *thwap*
PROGRAM: *sulk*
Me: *adds marriage*
PROGRAM: Select individual.
Me: *tries to select Andara Bico*

Yeah. See?)